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Hey there. Hi. Hello. How are you? I'm Matt. That's my face up there. Fun fact: when I uploaded this photo to Wix, it suggested "forehead" as the first keyword to describe it.

Anyway, I do graphic design. I learned to do design in St. Petersburg, FL and then I moved to Baltimore, MD to learn more about how to do design from the fine folks at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Here's a list of things I like to do: 

Branding and Identity, Typography, Creative and Art Direction, Illustration, Printmaking,Photography, Ideation, Screen Printing, Other Kinds of  
Package Design, and anything involving vinyl stickers.

Here's a list of unrelated-non-design things I like:


Dungeons & Dragons, Cats, Craft Beer, Superhero Movies, Naps, Hockey, Tacos, 80's Music, Margaritas, Ghosts, Sparkling Water, Flightless Birds, Stephen King Novels, Sweatshirts, the word 'Indubitably,' and Podcasts.

Don't like reading? That's okay. Here's a video about me:

Sound good? Wanna know more? Here's something more official:

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